The Twitterverse is Infinite.

Posted on July 6, 2011


Twitter is a microblogging site that I have been engaging with for the past year. And, I’ve constantly received flack from my husband (and some friends). They haven’t directly called me out for being egotistical but that’s their constant reasoning about Twitter, only celebrities Tweet and therefore why would an every day Joe Schmo Tweet, “they’re just not that interesting.”  Here’s a funny exchange between David Letterman and Kevin Spacey when Spacey tries to explain to Letterman what Twitter is.

I use Twitter not just to update friends on what’s going on in my life but I use it as an aggregator for news, I connect with people from my city, answer questions about topics I’m passionate about and get deals from brands that I love.

Just last week I had an exchange with @JulieKlam, an author of a book that I recently loved and adored (You Had Me at Woof: How Dogs Taught Me the Secret of Happiness).  We laughed about how we both bring our dogs and laundry to our parents house. Each of us get an eye roll from our parents because we are past the age of being able to get away with such things.  This really meant a lot to me. I connected with someone who I admired but without Twitter I wouldn’t get to have such a personal exchange.

Anyways, I’m not here to brag about celebrities. I’m writing this post because last night I finally proved to my husband how useful Twitter is.

This past weekend we were in Upstate NY relaxing at my parents home. My husband found an interesting book review on the history of NYC in the 1920s. He asked if I could download it to the Kindle so that he would have reading material on his few days off. Unfortunately, I left the newspaper in NY and it subsequently got thrown out. After multiple searches on the tried and true Google pulling no answers, I went to the NY Times website and used every possible key word combination with no luck. Finally, it dawned on me. I will throw the question out to the Twitterverse. My husband thought this was silly and really didn’t believe that anyone would care enough to help us find the random article that would lead us to the book.

Here’s what I posted right before bed:

And, when I woke up in the morning my answer was there:
 *Note that the friendly @MikeMC from Chicago answered me within an hour of me posting the question.

I had a big “ta da” moment when I forwarded my husband the confirmation from Amazon that I got the book (it wasn’t available on Kindle pfft).  Needless to say he was quite impressed and I think I’m slowly changing his impression of Twitter.

And, in case my Mom reads this post… I have perfect manners (I also started following him b/c you never know when you need a knowledgeable lifeline):

Do you Tweet? How would you introduce yourself in under 140 characters?  If you are on Twitter, what’s a memorable exchange you have had?

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