Picture Perfect, Mobile to Computer (and back) Sharing

Posted on June 17, 2011


Some of the most incredible research comes from MIT. And, a lot of it is hard to understand but when I saw their home page spotlight today, I got excited. Technology that I not only understand but I want!

The article starts by posing a question: “Have you ever found yourself looking up directions on your computer just before running out the door, only to end up retyping the same addresses and mapping the same route on your phone minutes later? ” Why, yes, yes I have! I do it all the time.

Tsung-Hsiang Chang is a graduate student at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and his partner, Yang Li (from Google) have come up with technology that’s simple for everyday people to use.  Take a photo of your computer screen with your smartphone and the phone will automatically open up the the exact same page. And, they’ve even made it easy moving data from your phone back to your desktop computer.

When will we see this technology? It’s unknown right now as Google owns the rights and hasn’t made the application public. But one can hope that it will be soon, right?

Read the full article here!

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