Wiener & the Workplace

Posted on June 16, 2011


Anthony Weiner speaks to the media during a news conference in New York, Thursday, June 16, 2011. (AP / Seth Wenig)

Today’s resignation from Anthony Weiner has me wondering and worried about the relationship of social media and the work place.  With so much of our lives online these days (LinkedIn, Four Square, Facebook, Twitter Etc.) it’s hard to hide.  Or maybe I shouldn’t say hide, because that would assume you are guilty of something. Let me “rephrase,” it’s hard to be yourself. Even if that self is a bad husband with horrible judgment.

I’ve heard stories about people lambasting their boss on Facebook, not having privacy settings and therefore got fired. I feel that this is different.  I’m not condoning what Weiner did but I do feel that in this situation the “sexting scandal” should have not forced a resignation. Our lives will increasingly become more digital and I don’t think that our careers should be on the line for personal matters.

Of course, if you can’t serve as an example, you can serve as a warning sign and so for that, I thank you Mr. Wiener. We really do need to keep our profession top of mind when we Tweet, Check-In or post.

What are your thoughts on the relationship of social media and the workplace?

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